From Tom Joad to Kyle Rittenhouse

Route 66 and Highway 101 were the inspirational, legendary highways of the early and mid-20th Century when I was young. Their intersection marks the epicenter of a mythical time.

Route 66 was the highway of the Joads and the Easy Riders; Hwy 101 brought Brando, Lee Marvin, and their biker…

Thomas Mahon

In 1974 my first technology client as a freelance writer and filmmaker told me to stress the social benefit of his mainframe computers: safer air travel, more affordable health care, greater availability of educational resources.

I met a tech writer at that company then, Robert Pirsig, who inspired…

Thomas Mahon

My uncle, Al Kane, was a world traveler for 40 years. He was an engaging, charming fellow and would always visit the most distinguished bar in whatever town he was in: Raffles (Singapore), Harry’s (Rome), Redwood Room (San Francisco).

One night in the latter bar, a fixture in…

Tom Mahon

Storyteller. I’ve been a filmmaker, merchant sailor, glass artisan, playwright, and 40-year veteran of Silicon Valley. And each job brought new stories to tell…

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