An introduction to the Catholic worldview about to come your way

Thomas Mahon

As one steeped in the Catholic tradition before the reforms of Second Vatican in the 1960s, I think it best to give you some look at what a Catholic America will look like as it moves ahead to restore the old Church here in the USA, starting, but only starting, with abortion.

During the Reformation in the 16th Century, the Church invented a body call the Society for the Propagation of the Faith to counter the growth of Protestantism in Northern Europe. Southern Europe would stay traditionally Catholic (and economically backward because Faith and Science were seen as mortal enemies).

Today that evangelical body is called the United States Supreme Court. It mission is to correct a terrible mistake, and return the country to Christ.

(A separate story too long to go into here is the role the American Catholic Church played in our involvement in the Vietnam War, under Catholic president JFK to support the Catholic Diem family then running SVN. I was in a Buddhist monastery one night in August 1967 when it was strafed and bombed by US helicopters. The Abbot told me they attack the monastery every night urging the Buddhists to convert. But I digress….)

Holy Mother Church has never been sure that women have a soul. When, at the end of the Gospel of Thomas (a script buried in fourth century in Egypt and discovered at Nag Hammadi in 1945) Jesus announces to the remaining Apostles that he has selected Mary Magdalen to replace Judas after his death.

Simon Peter, the first pope, replies “Mary should leave us, because women aren’t worthy of life.” (The Gospel of Thomas, Saying 114.)

Close to the end of his pontificate, John Paul II refused utterly to allow any feminine or gender indefinite pronouns to be used in any Catholic liturgy in any language anywhere in the world, so it will remain, “For us men (only) and for our salvation….

Here’s the thing: There is no such thing as Original Sin; it was invented by St Augustine 400 years after Jesus was gone. What kind of a monster God would set things up so that we come into the world damned? Then we are told to love the monster or spend eternity in hell.

The Church holds that our God, in his splendid masculine isolation — no mother, wife, sister, daughter — has set it up such that the instant the sperm and egg connect, and a zygote is created, an eternal soul is formed, and at the same instant it is damned to hell because Adam and Eve, given the gift of a big brain and curiosity, exercised that curiosity and ate from the Tree of Knowledge. Just as they were programmed to do. But in doing so, damned their offspring to the endless generation.

Thus when an infant is born it must be baptized by a celibate man — a man who vows never to touch a woman — who will wash off mother’s natural blood so the child is reborn in the mystical blood of the Savior.

If the child, later adult, disobeys anything the celibate men command, that one will spend eternity suffering in the belly of Mother Earth, hellfire.

For almost 2,000 this nightmare belief system has been imposed itself on the world, by force and fury. There is no way to measure the despair, depression, anxiety, arrogance, hatred (of others and of nature) this malignancy has infected on humanity.

And no one has suffered more than women. John Paul proclaimed that women cannot be priests because they lack a physical resemblance to Jesus (that is, a penis). But there are a lot of priests who are unbearded but that is not a problem; so I don’t see the issue.

Four Catholic counties in Western Europe (Spain, Portugal, France and England) wiped out 90 percent of the population on Northern and Southern (Latin) American. A generation after the Franciscans arrived in the Bay Area, the original people, the Ohlone, were annihilated. Yet the overseer, Fr Junípero Serra, was canonized a saint by John Paul in 1988.

All this in spite of the fact that rabbi Jesus treated women with respect: the hemorrhagic woman; the woman caught in adultery; the Samaritan divorcee at the well; and especially Mary who listened while he spoke at her dinner party while her sister Martha did the dishes, and at the end of the night was upbraided by Jesus for doing woman’s work and not hearing his teachings. Some scholars now think Jesus had to be put down because he treated woman with respect.

I spent years speaking to interfaith groups on ways to harmonize five theories of modern science (relativity, chaos, big bang, evolution, quantum) with the Gospel teachings of “Peace be with you, and then in a composed frame of mind, be kind to all others.”

(Venues included AI Lab at MIT, Stanford, Embedded Systems Conference, International Solid State Circuits Conference, US State Dept, Business Week, CNET, Oxford, the Rhodes Forum, German-Russian, United Religions Initiative. And articles in Wall Street Journal, NYT, Reader’s Digest…)

People would find this of interest, but generally could not see how it affected them.

The old thinking — of us vs them; of heaven vs earth; of grace vs nature — is too hard to replace in a generation. But on every issue. from war and peace, from climate change, from the threats of the digital domain to our humanity, we need to leave behind the old body-hating, woman-hating, nature-hating, death fixated belief system we inherited, and move on to see that nature in the ‘kingdom of God’ — it was always here before us, but our teachers could not let us see that, they were so tied to the fictions they had been taught themselves.

As was written long ago in the Gospel of Thomas in Saying 113: The Father’s kingdom is already spread out over the earth, and people don’t see it.”

And repeated in the 20th Century by T. S. Eliot:

We shall not cease from exploration

And the end of all our exploring

Will be to arrive where we started

And know the place for the first time.

Revelation is found more in images from a scanning electron microscope or a vista from the James Webb telescope that in all the scrolls written by old men who who spent too much time in the desert in woolen robes.

© 2022 Thomas Mahon



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