Fifty Days in a Coma; The Tenth Anniversary of my Trip Thru The Bardo

Photo source unknown
Photo by Adrian King from Unsplash

What did you see there my blue-eyed son?

In my time-out-of-time, I saw a series of scenes or visions or perfectly scripted one-act playlets, although whether they came and went in one day or over the fifty days, I don’t know. I do know they are more vivid in my mind even now than any dream I had just last night.

A mandala representing the cosmos
Photo by Craig Melville on Unsplash

Work to do and bills to pay

A few days later, it was time to leave the hospital and go home, and then start rainmaking to generate work as a freelance tech writer again. Q3 Estimated Taxes were due in a few days. Q1 and Q2 that year were profitable, but with no work in Q3, could I cover it?



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Tom Mahon

Tom Mahon


Storyteller. I’ve been a filmmaker, merchant sailor, glass artisan, playwright, and 40-year veteran of Silicon Valley. And each job brought new stories to tell…